As part of its continuous development, Plastimak has now completed an investment in the world's leading laminate and lacquer-coating system.

We are excited to announce a landmark investment for Plastimak in the world's leading laminate and lacquer-coating system. Based on the modular philosophy that established Nordmeccanica as the standard manufacturer of laminate systems, the Super Combi 4000 has great flexibility and high performance, with compact dimensions and incredible ease of use. This investment is expected to significantly increase our productive capacity, enhancing our commitment to high quality.

This new 1.3m wide machine has a top speed of 450m / min. At the same time, with its optimized operation, it offers many innovative solutions designed to achieve high productivity.

More specifically:

1. Lamination of any kind: solvent-based, solvent-less and water-based

It offers the ability to laminate using both solvent-free and solvent-based adhesive or water-based adhesive. Using different laminating methods enables us to expand our customer base and the applications we conduct. For example, the use of solvent adhesive is a key factor in some demanding applications such as "heat treatment" ("retort").

2. Semi-flexo station for solvent-based applications, for better laminating surface

The use of a semi-flexo station (rather than a rotogravure station) in order to overlay a printing with a solvent-based adhesive, allows the alternation in the adhesive’s amount by adjusting the distance and the speed of the same cylinder, rather than using different roto cylinders. The result is both absolute precision in the applied adhesive quantity and increased productivity, as well as a better laminating surface, especially for metal surface applications.

3. Lacquer in register

The use of lacquer, thanks to its visual effect, has evolved into a marketing tool for product differentiation during the 7 critical seconds that, on average, the consumer’s choice of a product lasts, in front of a supermarket’s shelf. The new laminating station gives our company the ability to apply numerous types of lacquers such as paper-touch, soft-touch, tactile, matte, holographic, embossing etc.

4. Cold-seal

Cold-seal adhesive is mainly used in applications of temperature-sensitive products to the heat developed during heat welding, such as chocolates. Therefore, our company can now offer solutions on this type of packaging too.

 The expansion plan for our equipment is based on investments in state-of-the-art technologies, in order to meet the most demanding applications of our customers. We continue our dynamic development, always aiming to provide high quality flexible packaging solutions to our customers.