Plastimak, throughout its course, has always been close to its customers, whose interests are at the very core of the company's decision-making procedures:



We aim to create printed films and packaging materials that, through their qualitative and aesthetic superiority, provide added value and serve as a lever for the promotion of our customer's products.



Our strategy is based on the following principles:

We offer the best customer experience.
In constant communication with our customers, we understand their needs, adapt to their requirements, provide high value products at competitive prices and create both stable and profitable partnerships.

We continuously invest in mechanical equipment.
We continuously upgrade the capabilities of our mechanical equipment and improve our production process so that we can meet the needs of tomorrow.

We carry out continuous quality checks.
With regular quality controls throughout the production process, we succeed in offering consistently high quality products and in eliminating the likelihood of defects.

We inspire the confidence of our suppliers.
We apply strict criteria to the selection and evaluation of our approved suppliers and, building on their know-how and our stable partnerships, we create innovative products for our customers.

We offer continuous training to our staff.
With continuous education and training, our well-trained workforce is constantly developing and improving their capabilities.

We are an active member of the community that hosts us.
The company understands its responsibilities, with respect to the natural environment and the community, and attempts to have a positive impact with every aspect of its operation.