Plastimak adds 2 new pan-Hellenic awards to its collection, thanks to the environmentally-friendly EcoMak product line

The annual Packaging Awards 2020 is one of the most recognized national competitions for industrial products. Each year, companies are awarded for their innovation in packaging design, the materials and technology used and the processes that add value to the entire packaging chain of a product. During the awards ceremony that took place in Athens, on September 22, we were honored with 2 awards!

The two awards concern the Design of Sustainable Packaging and specifically our new EcoMak series, which consists of products explicitly designed to minimize the burden on the environment:

EcoMak: Recyclable structure for demanding applications - packaging on behalf of Pelopac (GR)


Through continuous research and development, we managed to create a new packaging that responds to the most traditional Greek product, the olive, and guarantees that it will continue to be an ambassador of Greek values ​​and flavors, even under the growing Circular Economy. 

The olive, due both to its composition and to the modified atmosphere with which it is packaged, is one of the most difficult applications of flexible packaging. Nevertheless, being pioneers in replacing the -traditionally- glass packaging in flexible for the demanding application of olives, we took the lead once again, transforming the structure that we established in the past and today serves most of the Greek export activity, into fully recyclable.

The company PELOPAC for which this new packaging is intended, with an excellent team of partners, with vision and dedication to innovation, gave us the opportunity for this award. Just as in human relationships there are friends that lift you up, so in the professional arena there are collaborations that become the cause of evolution.


Recyclable, attractive, safe, functional: the packaging of the future, today - packaging on behalf of Herbal Infusions (UK)


The motto of the Nutrilicious brand "Doing good through food" is both the philosophy that governs the design of the product and its promise to the consumer: the product is a healthy snack alternative, as it is organic , contains 80% less sugar than similar products and high percentages of vegetable protein, while at the same time part of its sales support the Big Hug Foundation (an organization that helps disadvantaged children access food, health care, and education).

This is exactly the promise we were asked to emphasize and convey to the consumer. We thus created a fully recyclable packaging, which retains its high aesthetic value and combines impeccable quality with the protection of the product.